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Vibe High Vinyasa w/ Gina- Hips & Hammies

Hit the sweet spot with studio owner, Gina.  Authentic and inspired, this mix level power vinyasa flow links breath to movement and comes with carefully curated tunes. The yoga and music work in concert so you can get out of your head, build body heat and ignite your soul. Feel free to ramp up/down or modify to suit your day. Experience helpful but not required. Gina is known to mix up the pace and guiding you through a feel-good flowy flow.

This class is designed to perp your hips, hamstrings and shoulders for a bird of paradise. You can modify with side angle pose. Have a towel or strap ready if you need extra length to make the bind. This class also utilizes a block at the beginning and end. If you don’t have one, you can easily skip it in the beginning and use a small pillow or rolled up towel or blanket at the end.

Level 2/3 | 1 hour | @yogamixgina